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Chris Bohenek brings over 18 years of working horseback experience, in handling both horses and cattle to his students. After having worked for large ranches throughout Montana, Wyoming, and Arizona starting colts and taking care of cattle, Chris and his wife Lynne, relocated to the Bitterroot Valley of Montana to start their family and horse training business .


  Throughout my 18+ years in the horse and cow business, I have started, finished, re-trained and helped thousands of  horses, as well as their owners find a better way to get along.  I have gathered, sorted, calved, branded, roped, doctored and shipped more cattle than I can remember.  I feel very blessed and grateful to have been given the gift of the horse to accomplish all of this. God willing I pray that this gift continues.

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In the beginning, like so many people, I would get frustrated with my lack of knowledge and understanding of the equine and bovine species.  After several years of doing things the “hard” way, I started to seek out advise and help from others that had gone before me, those that understood the quiet relationship between horse, rider and cow. In doing so, I was introduced to the Vaquero or Californio philosophy and style of horsemanship.

This introduction to a more quiet and easy approach, to horse, rider, and cow, has started a life long  journey for me, to not only continue to learn and better my own horsemanship and cowman-ship, but to help educate others in their journey as well.  My unique experience with horses, cattle and people have given me a low stress approach that helps the rider, their horses and the cows being handled to learn from the “release” rather than be confused by  “fear“, “scare tactics” or “conditioned response cues”. I take this approach into my clinics, demonstrations and my training that I do locally and abroad.


  I have taken good foundation horsemanship which requires “feel” and “timing” and the Californio philosophy, integrated it with my  years of physical fitness knowledge and experience, to come up with my  “Core Balance”tm. exercises, and my low stress cowman-ship. I believe this will help the horses, riders and cattle to better communicate with each other for a stress reduced learning environment. The importance of improving your horsemanship and applying it towards cow work, greatly enhances the learning curve for both horse and rider.


  I have always felt that it did not make a difference if your discipline was Western or English or whether you are a student of dressage, a reiner, rodeo participant, trail rider for pleasure, outfitter, or a working buckaroo earning a living in the saddle, nothing can replace the benefits of a “job”, and the good Lord created no better suited job for the horse, than cow work. I feel that the experience that I bring from my horsemanship and cowman-ship, can help ALL riders of ALL disciplines to better themselves and their horses with less stress, less difficulty and more confidence.


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I have had the privilege to be featured at numerous horse expos, fairs and equine events, demonstrating my techniques and instructing clinics and lessons throughout Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Illinois, Kentucky, and Arizona.

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When I am not doing clinics or demos I can be found in the Bitterroot Valley with my beautiful wife and two boys, where I give public and private lessons and clinics and continue to operate my horse training business. I am always building quality Californio style ranch geldings, which I have for sale periodically, as well as taking in outside horses for training throughout the year.


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Feel free to look around the site, if you have any questions or comments, or if I can help you in some way with your particular horse needs I would love to hear from you. You can call or email me.

Thank you so much and God Bless.


Chris, Roanie and Ringo taking a break.


Bohenek Horsemanship

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